Our Story

We are a crop agnostic, information-sharing site for the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) community, grounded in the notion that the more sound information people in the industry have, the stronger the entire community will become. This is a site that is supported ted by some of the best experts in the field. At this time point in time there is no gathering space for the indoor farming community to come together where growers, researchers and others in the industry may go to share ideas, share struggles and generally convene….until now!

This is a collaboration-based on a simple premise: we believe that the indoor growing sector enhances the economy by providing economic, growing typology and location diversity.

This site and the system are both a work in progress, so please give your feedback and most importantly…participation!

Our Moderators


Ian Kanski

INTAG systems bring microbial life and other beneficial organisms together to create powerful biological and organic nutrient solutions for modern food and agriculture.


Climate Management

Nadia Sabeh
Dr. Greenhouse

Dr. Nadia Sabeh (A.K.A. “Dr. Greenhouse”) is President and Founder of Dr. Greenhouse, Inc., an agricultural and mechanical engineering firm that specializes in the design of HVAC systems for indoor plant environments.



James Whalen

Priva leads the way in the development and production of technology for the optimization of environmental conditions and process management. They provide solutions for horticulture, building automation and anything in between with a unique combination of software, hardware, and services.



Justin Lukoff

Certhon has been playing a pioneering role in optimizing technology for high-tech glasshouses, in addition to daylight-free cultivation within the horticultural industry. By meeting every demand with innovative in-house technology and over 100 years of horticultural experience, Certhon offers custom solutions with a maximum return on investment. In Certhon’s Innovation Center, a facility consisting of eight indoor farms without daylight, continuous research is being done on various crops to develop cultivation systems of the future for Certhon’s global customers.


Real Estate Development

Scott Robinson
Oberon Securities

Scott is a Managing Director of Oberon Securities, bringing along more than 15 years of investment banking and commercial real estate experience. Scott specializes in real estate investment banking, capital markets, and credit rating analysis and is also the Director of the REIT Center at New York University.



Daniel Hendricks
Hendrx Farm

Mr. Hendricks’ journey into cannabis began at an early age, in 1996 in his hometown of Arcata, Humboldt County California. Affirmed by the scientific process, community relationships, and sustainable practices, these opportunities have flourished. Daniel is the CEO and co-founder of HENDRX Farms, which holds an Annual California Cannabis Nursery License. HENDRX is a lead provider of clean cannabis plant genetics to licensed cannabis producers in California. Acknowledged for applied cannabis scientific breeding applications and genetic preservation, HENDRX was voted Best Cannabis Nursery in Humboldt County in 2018 & 2019.


Indoor Ag Science Cafe

Cheiri Kubota
The Ohio State

Join three CEA scientists (Chieri Kubota, Erik Runkle and Cary Mitchell) who host the online monthly forum series, ‘Indoor Ag Science Café’. This has been designed to discuss the science and technologies that can contribute to indoor controlled environment agriculture (AKA vertical farms). According to Chieri, “we wish to make the forum develop as a non-competitive, informal communication platform among indoor agriculture industries”.

Food Safety

Joseph Chiappetta
NJ Department of Agriculture

Joseph Chiappetta is a controlled environmental agriculture and hydroponic expert with an acumen in modern food safety compliance. He owns and operates a private food safety consulting company specializing in authoring and implementing industry-specific food safety manuals and practices for producers, processors, distributors, and retailers.


Chris Higgins
Urban Ag News

Chris Higgins is the founder and owner of Urban Ag News. Urban Ag News is a educational website that focuses on controlled environment agricultural practices, sciences, market data and operations.

Chris has organized a team of experienced horticultural and creative professionals for the continued creation of content for not only the website but a variety of clients, universities and institutions. Together his team focuses on providing innovative, inspirational, science and market specific content helps to drive the industry. His audience includes professional greenhouse vegetable growers, government and non-government organizations, agricultural/horticultural industry professionals, students and those persons interested in starting and operating non-traditional businesses in greenhouse, urban agriculture, city and vertical farms.

Chris was also one of the founding partners of the non-profit Foundation for the Development of Controlled Environment Agriculture (FDCEA). FDCEA’s mission is to join current and future stakeholders of the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) industry to build a platform in which trusted and proven resources can be used to invest in the education and development of a shared industry. FDCEA’s first event, the International Conference on Controlled Environment Agriculture, occurred in 2015 in Panama City, Panama. This very successful conference brought together international speakers and participants involved in commercial horticulture.

As an agri-preneur Chris is also invested in a variety of other companies. One that he is most proud of is Hort Americas, LLC. It is a wholesale supply company focused on all aspects of the horticulture industry. With over 20 years of experience, Chris is dedicated to improving and expanding the horticulture and niche agriculture industries. He is inspired by the current opportunities for continued innovation and growth in the field of controlled environment and urban agriculture.